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Super Junior’s Heechul Writes a Sincere Message about Ladies’ Code on Instagram

Super Junior‘s Heechul posted a sincere message on his personal Instagram profile in regards to what has happened to Ladies’ Code.

Along with a blank black image, he posted:
“I met EunB for the first time today, in a photo at her funeral. I couldn’t help but cry looking at her smiling so cutely and kindly in her picture.

And I was so sad seeing EunB’s mother, who’s probably suffering the most, comforting us by saying, ‘EunB, your seniors have come to see you.’

Truthfully, as this doesn’t feel unfamiliar to us, I was hesitant to mention anything on SNS since yesterday. One thing I do want to say is that you should always wear your seatbelt. We [idols] get involved in more car accidents than anyone else.

Eight years ago, if I didn’t wear my seatbelt in that car accident… I too, think it’s bothersome to put it on sometimes, but I always put it on, thinking about what had happened in the past.

I just wanted to say this again, hence this message. My deepest condolences go out to EunB’s family and friends. And I hope that RiSe will get better soon. Our member Kyuhyun was in the same situation. He said he wasn’t conscious for four days after the accident…. and that Rise will definitely wake up… Really… Like what Kyuhyun said… Like Kyuhyun… I pray that she will gain the strength to wake up.”